Trading Notice

Trading Notice

Trading Adjustment in Accordance with Regulatory Changes

Publish in2018-11-06

According to the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange’s changes in regulation, in order to enhance risk management, the following measures will come into effect. 

1.     From 12th November 2018, for all new accounts, spot gold and silver requires 2% of margin for one contract size.

        1 lot of spot gold margin calculation: market price x 100 ounce x 2%

        1 lot of spot silver margin calculation: market price x 5,000 ounce x 2%

2.    Clients are strongly advised to exercise the utmost cautions of their trading account numbers and passwords, and never disclose said credentials to any third party. Should clients disclose said credentials to third parties, clients shall solely bear the responsibility and the risk of loss.

3.    First Gold does not allow brand ambassador to trade with client’s account on client’s behalf, nor to sign contracts with clients without explicit consent from the Company. Should any loss incurred due to trading on behalf of clients with private agreement, the Company is not related to the incident nor shall be held reliable. If any brand ambassador is found to have traded with client’s accounts on behalf of clients, the Company will terminate the brand ambassador relationship with the said person.

Yours faithfully

First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited