Dr. Peter Kook

The progressing 21st century is an ebullient era filled with opportunities. On the international economic and business arena, companies and participants from the East and West will find more beneficial opportunities to work co-operatively with each other, where further collaboration programs are expected to be launched to capture mutual prosperity for both parties.
As we speak, there are currently several cooperative organizations designed for boosting the trade and economies of Asia; and Hong Kong is uniquely situated as the centre of Asia, thus has become the most important bridge that links the Eastern and Western world together, ever since she was returned to the motherland-China. In this ebullient era, which-ever person or company courageous enough to capture the first chance, he or she will also be the first one with the strongest foundation to enjoy the fruits of future growth and development.
Well & Well Financial Holdings Group's growth over the past years is solid evidence and directly derived from the organization's commitment to build a dynamic organization. Over the years, the Group has built important personal and corporate relationships as well as accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge, hence allowing the Group to thrive in our industries.

Much of the Group's success can be attributed to the experiences of the management team, who welcome the continuous challenges of the ever changing business environment. Since its founding in 1979. The Group has operated in Asia Pacific region through both social and economic troughs and peaks, yet always able to stand firmly and develop further. To the Group, any change means opportunity. We continue to take advantage of new chances and opportunities to stretch our development constantly in new directions.

The group is now stronger than ever, as one of the leading diversified groups in Asia Pacific region. Reflected from our business results, consistent profits and successful joint-venture investments have led us to leaping towards our objectives "share the wealth and build a glorious future together".

The Group's fundamental formula for success remains intact: honesty and integrity are the life blood of the group; sustained harmony as our corporate culture; to create win-win results for partners in cooperation; and to flexibly and dynamically attack and deal with ongoing challenges. Assuming a "pro-active" stance has always been one of our core strategies.

As chairman of the Well & Well Financial Holdings Group, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the continuous support from our clients, and acknowledge the loyalty and dedication of our management and staff. I am confident and enthusiastic that the Group and partners will be able to "share the wealth and build a glorious future together", we will continuously grow, and everybody together will reach new heights of success.