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Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society Member of highest-level AA License Member of the Golden Group as an accredited gold refinery and e-trading member Member of the CGSE Shenzhen Qianhai

Focusing on gold and continuously innovating

RMB Kilobar Gold

The world's first offshore RMB gold product

5 Taels 9999 gold bar

CGSE accredited refining 9999 1 Kilo Gold 

First Gold Credit Gold Coin

Created cooperation with the famous Swiss goldsmith Argor-Heraeus

Honorable Reputation and Numerous Awards

Recognized and affirmed by the industry and public welfare and charity. Many awards are of great significance, including the following key awards:

• Awarded the "Caring Company" logo and certificate for 11 consecutive years

• Won the Award of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society - Most Active London Gold/Silver Trader Award for 5 consecutive years

• Won the Award of "" - "Most Popular Gold Trading Platform" and "Best Precious Metal Trading Platform" for 2 consecutive years

• Won the "Let’s Go Moment" – Best Investment Value Award for 2 consecutive years

• Won the "Economic Digest" – Outstanding Brand Award for 2 terms in precious metal trading


Thanks to all clients for the support over the years